Executive Producer and Co-creator, I collaborated with Rob Eric & Michael Williams / Scout
to develop "The Frenchie," a BRAVO TV show.
Year: 2011
Responsibilities: Videography | Supervise Post-Production
Tools: Canon 5D | Adobe Premiere

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Stephane Dupoux is your prototypical Frenchman – an au- dacious, ultra-opinionated artist, graced with exquisite taste and a slightly pompous demeanor. Although some tend to despise him for these overbearing traits, he also happens to be one of the world’s foremost designers, respon- sible for creating some of the planet’s hottest hotels, restau- rants, and nightclubs that you may have had the pleasure of visiting. It is without question that Stephane is the perfect Frenchman – arrogant, well educated and culturally supe- rior to everyone in taste – or at least he thinks he is... And quite often, he’s right!

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